Friday, September 16, 2011

First Meeting, September 11, 2011, at Archie and Grace's Home

Our first meeting was a fun afternoon.  We missed several members who were either out of town or busy elsewhere.  However, the eight of us who attended enjoyed our time together.

Since everyone arrived at various times, we started off with refreshments and sharing our summer's happenings.  Pat O. and Ed and Susanna brought items from their gardens to share.


The meeting was called to order by Archie, our new president, at 3:15 pm.  He gave us an overview of the day's agenda.  He then turned the meeting over to Pat Amsel, who told us all about her recent trip to HongKong for the wedding of a Chinese exchange student who lived with her while attending high school in Sarasota.  Pat was honored as the bride's "other mother" at this elaborate wedding.

As Pat described this sumptious event, she passed photos for us to share.  Grace photographed a few of Pat's photos for inclusion here just to give you some idea of how grandiose this event was.  The bridal party was quite large.  The bride changed gowns three times!  The groom presented a "signed contract" to the bride.  The groomsmen dressed up to entice the groom away from his bride.  All this much to the amusement of the attendees.  Can't remember how many tables of 12, but A LOT!

Everyone truly enjoyed Pat's presentation.  Her excitement at attending this affair a decade after the bride had lived with her was contagious.

Archie asked Grace to share the tentative list of programs for the upcoming year. These will be listed in the minutes of the meeting for your input regarding your preferences.  There was discussion regarding the articles in our recent China Review about the ancient maps and other evidence that the Chinese came to what is North America long before Columbus.  A panel presentation about this is being considered; we will invite other interested groups to attend.

Archie aske Glad to check into using the theatre where she lives for the October 16 meeting since Jill and Duane won't be back to Sarasota at that time.  You will be notified of what, when and where once these plans are firmed.  We met the second Sunday in September because Grace and Archie will be representing our chapter at the National Conference in Kansas City.  So pencil in the third Sunday of each month to reserve them for our chapter meetings.

The meeting was adjourned about 4:30 pm.  We had brownies and ice cream with several toppings and visited with one another some more.  Archie again shared his porcelain collection.  Grace invited all to her studio just across from MiraBay to see her gyotaku and acrylic paintings.