Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 2013 Chapter Meeting

November meeting was held on November 10, 3 pm, at the Fingers' condo community room.

Meeting called to order by Archie McKee, President.  Attending - 13:  George and Lucienne, Duane and Jill, Pat A., Lois, Miriam, Colette, Bob, Gail, Larry, Grace

Noted the Sarasota website is

Announced that 2015 National Convention will be held in Atlanta, GA.

Announced that 2014 Washington DC Seminar will be held at Gaudette University’s Kellogg Conference Center April 23-25.

Discussed possibility of hosting Annie Rollins, a PhD candidate studying Chinese shadow puppetry. A committee will get more information.

Briefly discussed events surrounding China’s 3rd Plenum.

Duane and Jill gave report on the recent National Convention in Richmond, VA.  Sarasota had five members present, the largest delegation other than the host chapter:  Archie McKee, Duane Finger, Jill Dye, Dr. Carolyn Bloomer who also made a presentation on Chinese film, and Dr. Doris Ju who attended with her mother and sister.

Lois moved that a supplement be made by the Sarasota Chapter to those attending National Conventions.  After discussion and amendments, it was passed with a cap at $300 per convention.

A Regional Award for outstanding service to US-China relations was presented to George Arvay for his many years and dedicated work towards SOS China by Southern Region board member Archie McKee.  George was largely responsible for introducing SOS to China in the 1980s.  Today SOS serves more than 10,000 Chinese orphans in multiple locations across the country.  You can learn more by visiting

Grace moved that SOS China be adopted as the Sarasota Chapter Charity.  Motion passed.

November program was a great video on the retirement life of Eunice Brock, who returned to China after retiring and lived out her days in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province.  She passed away earlier this year (2013) at the age of 98.  Discussion followed.  Video may be borrowed from Archie if wanted.

Door prizes were given out - Chinese paper cuts.

Next meeting will be December 8 at 3 pm.  Come at 2:30 for some social time.  A short program to be decided, but a holiday celebration including Chinese food and covered dishes provided by members will be the main event.  Plan now to bring a friend.