Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012 Chapter Meeting

We had another great meeting at the Village Gardens Condo community room, Sunday, October 21 at 2 pm. 

When Alfonz arrived, we surprised him with a birthday cake with sparklers and balloon.  We sang "Happy Birthday to You" in Chinese.  Then, we helped him blow out all the sparklers and shared his cake.  Today Alfonz was 91! 

Photos by Laz:



President Archie gave us dates of upcoming events that might be of interest:
Wednesday evening, October 24 -  "What Next for China?"  Carter Center in Atlanta.  You can view this online.  Just Google it.
  • Thursday evening, October 25 - Ringling Museum presentation by Dr. Daphne Rosenzwieg on Deco Japan.  Go to for more information.  Registration necessary.
  • Monday evening, October 29 - China Town Hall Meeting, Lakewood Ranch Campus of State College of Florida.  Registration necessary. 
  • Ongoing exhibits at Ringling Museum:  "Mythic Creatures of China" and "Deco Japan."
Member Martine Moore announced that her son Jonathan Moore (piano and French horn) will perform in a FREE CONCERT, 2012 Emerging Artist Showcase, Sunday, October 28, 2:30 pm, at Holley Hall in the Beatrice Friedman Symphony Center on Van Wezel Way.  Even though free, advance reservations are required.  Call 941-776-5522 or email:

Today's program was a documentary entitled, "The China Question," which brought about a stimulating discussion.  All present participated in the discussion and shared their individual views of the topics in the documentary.  

Carolyn was inspired by an earlier viewing of this documentary.  She shared a spreadsheet of five categories of  products in her home and where they were made.  Her categories were short sleeve woven shirts, knit tank tops, tee shirts with logos, household items, and books.  Surprising how the percentages of Made in China products were much lower than one might expect.  She plans to have her students perform a similar survey in their homes.  You might want to do this too. 

Email if you need additional info about upcoming events or the books he mentioned during the discussion.

Next meetings:

November 18, 2 pm - President Archie and VP Lolly will both be out of town.  Archie is asking Duane and Jill to host this meeting.  Details to follow from them.

December 16, 2 pm - VP Lolly will preside.  She will be sending out information about location and program.