Friday, November 2, 2012

November 18, 2012 Chapter Meeting

The November 18 meeting will be held at the Alinari, 800 N. Tamiami Trail, hosted by Jill and Duane as President Archie and VP Lolly will both be out of town.  The meeting begins at 3 pm.  The program will be a discussion of the new leadership changes in China.  Please bring a covered dish to share.

VP Lolly will be in charge of the December meeting as the McKees will be out of town for the holidays.  She will announce the details at the November meeting.

USCPFA Nov. 18, 2012 Meeting Minutes by Colette Penn

We had a triple bill at our 3:00 P.M. November 18, 2012 meeting held in the Alinari condominiumtheatre as guests of members Duane Finger and Jill Dye.

First, as we enjoyed our snacks, Duane gave us a talk on the role of new Chinese leader Xi Jinping's father as a communist revolutionary, the significance of Xi being a Red Prince or "princeling", Xi's personal connections with the U.S., and insights into Xi's character and political views.

Our special guest, JoAnn Matray, then gave us a vivid description of her experiences living in Chongqing, southwest China, while serving in the U.S. Peace Corps as a teacher of IT subjects tomasters degree students at Chongqing University.  JoAnn discussed a myriad of topics, including her living with a local family, food, shopping, supplies, medical care, and local customs.  She also explainedsome University procedures, such as admission, instruction, and testing.  A lively question and answer session followed.

Thank you, JoAnn, for sharing your fascinating experiences with us.

To close the meeting, Duane showed a brief scenic documentary film, "The Symbol of Eternity in China", with spectacular views of Anhui Province, including Huangshan (Mount Huang).

This meeting had something for everyone.Thanks to everyone who assisted.