Monday, January 17, 2011

Bookworms To Meet February 27

From Suzanne Kreis:

!Welcome Back China Bookworms! 

It is Wonderful to Learn through Experience,
yet, the Joy of Armchair Travel has much to Teach us.
Share your Thoughts and Recommendations with other Bookworms
Tell  which books, articles, and other sources
inform and enlighten us about China's past and present-
witness:"  Chinese Factory Girls"," China Road", "Mao's Great Famine"  
Recent magazine articles inform us about dissident writers, etc.
  NewYorker's Letter from China :"Meet Dr.Freud", is brand new!
We will meet on the last Sunday afternoon of February
to discuss varied readings by group members
in the home of Suzanne Kreis,
details to follow
Please RSVP to