Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sarasota Chapter Meeting January 16

The Sarasota Chapter had a wonderful meeting today.  The program was presented by Jill Dye and Duane Finger. 

Duane began by telling us all about Josef Rock and his adventures in early China.  He shared the National Geographic articles written from 1924 - 1935 covering the exploits of this adventurer.  What an exotic, interesting character he was!  Duane read us part of Dr. Rock's obituary.  Here is a link where you can read the entire write-up:

This was followed by video shot of Dr. Rock's home in Yunnan Province when Jill and Duane led a group to China.  Laz taped a portion of Martin Yan's PBS Special Hidden China program and we again visited where Dr. Rock lived. 

Jill told us all about the Naxi minority in Li Jiang.  How impressive this matriarchal society is! 

Thanks to Dr. Rock the history and culture of this fascinating people has been preserved.
We then had a delicious dinner together sharing Chinese and American food.  As always there was much conversation and laughter.

A brief business meeting followed.

--Report written by Grace McKee